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a billionaires hair recommend. don't miss it. coming up, it is 24/7 another big fight on the way. manny pacquaio is making the return to the ring tomorrow night to fight off his biggest opponent. they prepare for their meeting in the rain.
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but is in as i got hit with the first, i knew it was going to be a long day. >> while in mexico city, he was looking to his new strength and conditioning coach, to get his skills at a higher point. >> they have a dance. and on the road success had coli transformed his purchasing power. in the gym has approach is an effective. >> a change in his bank account may be bigger, but you know what? when he comes to those stores and on a wild card, he is still the same guy.
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in a metropolis of twenty million people, it can be difficult to find places to stand out. but mexico city's villarreal plaza offers a home for pre-eminence. today the newest member of the walk of fame is being inducted and it is an honor he is proud to embrace. he does not take his popularity for granted. by contrast, he views it as a responsibility. and he connects with as many fans as he can before being
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escorted to the vehicle conspicuously waiting on the plaza. it is time to go back to work. and at the gym today, there will be no boxing in the ring. only a series of exercise trails that each pinpoint the most specific of strength and objectives. 1500 miles northwest of mexico city, hollywood, california, is that once a city of big brains with hard realities. a few blocks west about 101 at the corner santa monica and buying, the wild card gm is home to wait all spectrum of all tinseltown has to offer.
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at the start of week nine of his ten-week training camp, his case remains unrelenting. while a few doors down in his merchandise and tattoo shop, the fighters' team often spends their time after work out together. on this day, some are in better states of mind than others. last night you will forgive him, he is receiving his first
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tattoo. the image of the me your is familiar. it holds testicular significance for this company of men. >> it is special because this is a symbol for our team. most of the people in the philippines know if you have this, you are part of the team. >> fernandez is one of the last members of the entourage to have the signature image engraved on his forearm. even though his friendship with the boxer dates back to the very beginning. when impoverishment and desperation and not fame and celebrity were facts of life. >> it is like my brother, like my family. also because of the blessing from god gave it to me and i share with him.
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security is tightening for marquez. today is one of the fighters' final days of sparring. and tapering off does not appear to be on the agenda. across the gym, another world-class boxer works with a similar urgency. and 154 lb contender also trained by him preparing for a bout on saturday, november fifth, one week before pacquiao-mark has.
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he will work his corner november fifth. before joining him in las vegas 45 tweek and final preparations for pacquiao. oxnard, california, is ranch st house in a quiet street, david rodella can wait for rush hour to pass before arriving for work. the sparring schedule at the gym allows him to devote mornings to
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upkeep in his new home. purchased late last year with an unexpected assist from manny pacqui pacquiao. >> he said, david, i heard you got married. i got married. congratulations. hey, did you buy a house? i said, not yet. he goes, do you have credit? i said, i have plenty of credit, i just don't have money. he goes, let me help you. he ended up giving me a check. i was happy, blown away. he didn't have to. that was very generous of him to cut me a check and be able to help me purchase a home. >> narrator: the check was good for a down payment, a life changing gift for a fighter whose own career offers little prospect for major financial gain but found contentment outside of the spot light and essential pleasures of life. >> i don't make enouhave to be .
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i make enough as a sparring partner. it doesn't bug me as long as my family has a roof over my head and food on the table, it doesn't bother me. >> i am going to spar with the champ. >> i don't got money or nothing, what can i offer him? the only way i can offer to say thank you is do the best i can to get him ready for the fights. . t nothing helped me beat my back pain. then i tried salonpas. it's powerful relief that works at the site of pain and lasts up to 12 hours. salonpas.
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old jobs have their routines. but occasional changes of pace can be refreshing. a calendar of training offers a handful of reliable opportunities for atypical days in the gym including this one, media day for juan marquez. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> narrator: the fighter is typically the central attraction at these sorts of gatherings. today, however, there's also a focus on someone else. m marquez's strength and condit n conditioning coach, hernandez, who as it's come to the light in the past week has also gone by other monikers in the past. >> my name is angel. in mexico, i have a nickname. and for some people, it's very difficult for them to catch up. you can ask anybody who knows me as angel, sometimes they call me another name. and for some reason it was easier for you guys to write it down, i have never intent, i don't think, if i was a person that has something to hide, i would not be coming out on tv. i never been banned from coaching. i never -- i have the curriculum, i have the science degrees. what we do is strictly science. >> narrator: on the surface, a
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name might seem only incidental but several years ago, under the name anhel, heredia, he was a central figure into the united states investigation into doping in sports admitting to prosecutors he supplied performance enhancing drugs to numerous athletes including marion jones. by cooperating as a federal witness, he avoided a drsentenc for drug trafficking. they shrug off any questions about their regimen. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he is not using. we're not doing anything illegal. he's fighting clean. i think his career speaks by hisself, 26 years, i've only been working with him eight or nine weeks. what he achieved has nothing to do with me.
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i'm here to develop a program he hasn't worked on. we don't have any problem, we can do urine tests before the fight and excrement tests before the fight and we have nothing to hide. >> narrator: meanwhile, at the wild card, the reaction to the news coming from mexico city is one of indifference. >> how do i feel about some guy involved in steroids being in marquez' camp? i really couldn't care less. i don't expect marquez to go outside of whatever the commission is asking them to do. we'll all do whatever the required and the protocol is for testing before and after. me, personally, i don't think any of those outside things are going to affect either one of them. i know what we've done and i still don't think if god himself came in there and helped out marquez he's going to beat manny. >> narrator: in the gym, there is no shortage of confidence. each night, in an apartment
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complex a few miles away, there is no shortage of men. with his wife in the philippine, pacquiao has been staying here with his large entourage rather than alone with his mansion in l.a. every member of the team may not have a defined role but collectively, their spirit sustains him. >> it's good to have a lot of people around me because it can get boring. it can get lonely and that's me. >> narrator: the group provides a built-in and up close audience for rehearsals. ♪ ♪ >> narrator: following his last few victories in las vegas, pacquiao performed a concert and appears he is planning another convert on july 12th.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> narrator: its heritage dates back to the first inhabitants of mexico. the day of the dead. for two days at the start of november, they honor those who came before, ancestors whose souls are encouraged to return to earth and hear the prayers of the living. at its heart, the ancient festival is a reflection of the human longing for community. discomfort with the unknown, the fear that what awaits will leave us alone forever.
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by trade, boxers fight in isolation. the stories of the greatest ever tend to also involve supporting casts of crucial characters, who in ways sometimes subtle, sometimes transformative, unquestionably impact what happens in the ring as well. prayer is how the mind communicates with the soul. fighting is how their souls communicate with the world. pacquiao marquez iii is one week
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in southern california, the abundant afternoon sunshine is easy to get used to. in his new ferrari, manny pacquiao fits naturally into the landscape on his short daily commute to the wildcard gym. it's a drive he'll make only a few more times before heading to las vegas for his bout with m manweman manual marquez. as the fight winds down last minutes details must be tended to. >> is the car fast enough? >> narrator: including today, handing out free fight tickets to his sparring partners. according to the boxer and his
9:29 pm
team, fight preparation has been perfectly synchronized with the calendar. >> doing good. i am happy and excited and ready to fight. >> yes. i think at this point, you're starting to think, now, we need to start slowing things down, now start pulling things back. we got there and let's carry this through, go to fight night and unleash him. >> really nice. >> we were winding down and fine tune tuning, getting ready for battle. >> at the wild card, stars from other venues around town are regular sight sites outside the ropes when the champion is at work inside. of course, manny pacquiao is a
9:30 pm
celebrity in his own right. and after training, he heads to hollywood's el capitan theater, where he's slated for his fifth appearance on jimmy kimmel's late night talk show. in what's become a veritable pre-fight tradition dating back his 2009 bout. even backstage, other stars like singer sammy hagar seek out an audience with the champ. >> you're a wonderful man. >> thank you. >> not only are you a great fighter, after your last fight, you said, i just want to help people, that's one of the most beautiful words i heard come out of an athlete's mouth. >> narrator: the setting shows off lesser known talents. but as showtime approaches, it's time to turn his attention to the more important business at hand.
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where ♪ ♪ if it's your love how deep is your love ♪ ♪ i really need to learn because we're living in a world breaking us down ♪ ♪ when they all should let us be we belong to you and me ♪ ♪ la-la-la la la >> manny pacquiao, everyone! november 12th, pay-per-view, versus marquez in las vegas. thank you, manny. >> narrator: as the morning sun
9:32 pm
rises in mexico city, it is juan manu manuel marquez's final test. the pace has been grueling and he is going to test himself. [ speaking foreign language ] >> narrator: he close closes the 60th camp of his career with one last morning workout. a couple kids show up to watch, 13-year-old manuel and his 6-year-old brother. [ speaking foreign language ]
9:33 pm
>> narrator: size can be an asset for securing a close view of the action, while connections are the key to gaining free reign once the ring empties. there must be a mixture of fear and pride in having a fighter for a father. the boys are used to all facets of it by now. the obligation to field every question that's asked, the confidence that must be injected into every answer. [ speaking foreign language ]
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because we're like brothers and i trust you. >> narrator: the gym is crowded with friends and observers, looking to catch a final glimpse of the superstar in training. freddie is anxious to get out of town and get closer to accomplishing the team's ultimate objective. >> i'm tired of hearing those guys cry how they got robbed. i believe manny won both fights. with a knockout, there's no questions. let's get this over with, manny. when you hurt him, finish him. >> narrator: at 3:45 pacific time, team pacquiao loads up for
9:41 pm
the 5-hour drive to vegas. a caravan of 26 vehicles will accompany the bus through the desert for a voyage that never ceases to rouse the senses. >> i think any time you're driving into vegas and see the lights and billboards and stuff like that, you know you will blink your eyes and the next thing you know, you're walking into the ring and it moves that fast. >> narrator: the marquez bout will be the 12th time manny p k pacquiao is headlines on the strip and will stay at the man dal lay bay hotel joins with his collection of associates. on this night, he'll leave them to tackle the buffet while he secures a good night's rest. any looking for handouts is on their own. tuesday begins early for both
9:42 pm
man and beast. at the unlv track for a morning workout. >> run, run. >> narrator: while this is the fighter's first bout against marquez, it's alex ari z's first. training for this encounter has taken on special significance. >> i think this is the best version of manny that we've seen yet. i think every time a fighter steps in there, his performance is a reflection of his team. >> remember, last week, all right? just going through the motions, not all speed, just go through keeping things warm. don't try to break any you can, you know, records or anything. >> i always say our margin of error is zero. every time our fighters go in there, people are looking for spectacular performances. i think if you do everything from day one all the way to the
9:43 pm
night of the fight, you go in there with all the confidence in the world. i don't know that in his mind himself he can see anything other than victory. >> left hand up. hands up. knees, knees, pull them up, up to your stomach, up, up. there you go, that's the one, right there. stomach tight, get those hands up, elbows in, quick, quick. quick. time. >> narrator: while juan markez is stateside, others have gone to the tour iist cancun for a highly anticipated night of boxes at the convention center.
9:44 pm
154 pound contender alfredo and trainer berestein are here for the biggest night of his career against american, james kirkland. [ speaking foreign language ] >> narrator: in a week, berestein will lead marquez to the gym at the mgm. the goal is to get the aggressive fighter to follow his plan for victory. >> 30 seconds into the fight. >> what an amazing comeback! >> oh, my god.
9:45 pm
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>> narrator: juan marquez arrives in las vegas on sunday afternoon. he heads straight from the airport to a squoouite at the m
9:50 pm
grand that will serve as his base of operations for flight week. the flight from cancun gets into town an hour later. when he arrives, his pupil is curious for inside account of the bout the previous night. [ speaking foreign language ] >> narrator: it proved to be no problem for the trainer to catch up to the rest of the group today in vegas. the mental journey is not as painless. [ speaking foreign language ]
9:51 pm
>> narrator: for his part, the strength coach has spent the last several days explaining his past connectionses to performance enhancing drugs. now with the scene shifting to vegas, he is anxious to look forward and not back. >> some people wanted us to be distra distracted and nothing has changed or affected us at all, especially me. my main concern is juan and make sure he's prepared for the fight. i don't think i have to prove anything, just happy to be here and part of the team, you know. [ speaking foreign language ]
9:52 pm
>> narrator: marquez' actual arrival for the fight may have been quiet. the ceremonial version by definition comes with more pa gent tri. when the boxer enters the mgm lobby, the fans there are already primed for fight night. [ speaking foreign language ] >> narrator: manny pacquiao's arrival comes 24 hours later, a scene that substantiates the sense that the 32-year-old is a boxing rock star. >> this is what he lives for. he's here to entertain people.
9:53 pm
that's what manny pacquiao wants to do. he wants to put on a good show for everybody. >> someone told me this stage is too big for him. i said, what are you crazy? there's no stage big enough for manny pacquiao. >> he goes from being serious to joking around, laugh, smiling, like he's getting ready for a party. >> he's so at home with the crowd and the attention and the cameras and the lights, he absolutely loves it. he'll be smiling until that first bell rings. once that bell rings, here we go, it's time to fight. >> great. >> narrator: from the electricity of the mgm, the team heads straight to the spareness of the nearby top ranked gym.
9:54 pm
there, fighter and trainer take one of their final opportunities to review tactics for saturday night. >> with the fight so close, that's when i don't sleep that well. until that bell rings, i'm still a little anxious. did i cover all my bases? did i make sure everything is okay? did i come up with the right game plan? >> the hard stuff is already done. just manny and freddie sharpen the tools and get ready for that night. >> i just want to make sure that, you know, everything is under control. >> narrator: 24 times over the last decade, they prepared for a fight together. on each occasion, only furthering the faith they share in one another, only deepening a bond that's as strong as any in the sport. >> it's a good feeling he has that much trust in me.
9:55 pm
everything i do is for his benefit to win the fight. he knows that. i'm behind him 100%. i would die for manny pacquiao. manny pacquiao will go down as the best fighter and they're going to call me the best coach because i had the opportunity to work with him. believe me, if he didn't have the talent, i wouldn't be much. >> narrator: wednesday in las vegas is this final pre-fight press conference at the mgm. the final opportunity to appraise what's at stake for both men. another bout will make a decisive contribution to their legacies. [ speaking foreign language ]
9:56 pm
>> i want to be remembered as a champion, as a good boxer, as a good example to all the fighters. this is the time, this is the moment, you know. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he's got his man ready and looks really big and strong and i know he's ready to go. we worked really hard with manny for the last ten weeks. we know our guy is ready. >> i don't like talking outside the ring. i do my job in the ring. i prepare myself very very hard, because i want to give another great show, another great fight.
9:57 pm
>> i'm always praying, not praying for myself but praying to all the fighters who are going to fight on saturday and my opponent that nobody will get hurt. i hope the event will be finished with joy and people will love it and enjoy it. >> narrator: few events leave behind images as arresting as fights do. they eternally pause the most intolerable of moments and provide indisputable evidence of just how much the ring demands of the will. but even if the spectacle has always been about what is visible, the craft is forever based in what is not.
9:58 pm
for you can never see a fighter's most important weapons. you're always left to imagine exactly what he carries into a bout. resources like desire, burnish a legacy by eliminating any elements of uncertainty. assets like desperation bring history in line with what you're convinced is already reality. the security of the knowledge that you've been taught by the very best. the promise of new approaches, perfectly tailored for the tempo of this brutal pursuit. an obligation to triumph on behalf of so many who have so little.
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an urge to prevail for those who will never lose faith in what you can make possible. ♪ >> narrator: tomorrow night, manny pacquiao and juan manuel marquez return to the ring together for a third time. history will preserve the pictures they leave behind. even if it's the in visible that

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